I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am. I am. I am.
— Sylvia Plath

photo by the ever talented Yasmina Cowan

The primary focus of my work, aside from mothering, is documenting birth and guiding women into motherhood. I believe that Annie Dillard never spoke truer words when she wrote, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

I may not know you, but I already love you.

I am deeply devoted to my craft, to mothering, to life, and to art. I love figuring out how things work. I love getting messy. I love a good tale as much as I love photography that is authentic and real. And down in my bones, in the heart of my being, I love weaving all of these things together. In my work, I strive to capture the elements of life I believe in: love, simplicity, intention, and the extraordinary in the everyday. Raised in Colorado, educated in the Humanities and Art, I now live in Los Angeles with my merry brood: close to the sun, the 10, soverymanyhumans, the waves and the wind.

Hello friends...

My name is Rebecca and I am a birth and documentary photographer living in California.

I am also a mother and a doula. When I was little, shaped by the Colorado mountains I ran free in, I dreamed of being able to craft tales about the way I saw the world around me; of illustrating lives, and etching words into stone. Today, my life is sculpted by this dream, made full by both the mother and the photographer in me. I now live in Los Angeles with my merry brood, exploring the mountains of the human heart.