Many things are born on your child's birth day. 

Not just any story;

                   but your story; 

                         your child's story.

birth photographer Rebecca Coursey

As I myself am a mama, I long to support, affirm and celebrate the birth of your baby and your passage into motherhood.. 

birth photographer Rebecca Coursey

As an artist and photographer: I long to document these fleeting but powerful moments for you; so that in years from now, when you need to remember how things unfolded, when you walk through the threshold of growing up and growing old, when you need to touch a time that is no longer tangible, your story, her story, your child's story, will be there.  

In my work, I look to capture at once, not only the art of birthing, but to document the unfolding story before me.   

Being a doula deeply influences my work as well.  I believe  in the powerful, transformative nature of birth. It is an intuitive and intense experience. Mamas-to-be often dive deep into the interior of their being during labor, needing the emotional and physical support of their birth team.  I consider it an honor to not only celebrate the power of birth, but the wonderfully strong nature of our bodies.  As a mother of three, I know how important it is to be supported during your labor, and as an artist, and as your photographer,  I look to be a quiet, source of feminine strength.  

After having attended over 130 births, I now take on just a few births a month so it is best to reach out as soon as you have decided that you want a doula or photographer present.  Also, I love spending time getting to know you and your family, not just before birth, but watching you grow as a family afterwards as well! Lets connect as soon as possible! 

birth photography Rebecca Coursey